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The Mercury in Thimerisol

Mercury is a nerve toxin found in soil, water, seafood, food additives, pesticides, cosmetics, hair dyes, amalgam, seeds, fabric softeners, solvents, plastics, batteries, the ink used by tatooers and medications, such as, diuretics, antibiotics, skin antiseptics, vaccines, flu shots, fungicides, anti-parasitics,  and laxatives.  

            Between 1983 and 1985 clusters of MS outbreaks occurred in Key West, Florida. Up to 40 cases were reported following exposure to environmental mercury at a local dump. In Minimata, Japan, thousands developed mercury poisoning from eating contaminated fish. Apparently industrial waste tainted with mercury had been “dumped” into the water system.

In 1969 the FDA set limits for the amount of mercury allowed in food.  This move followed 120 people developing mercury poisoning after eating contaminated fish in Nigata, Japan.

The FDA also initiated a national testing program after finding swordfish and tuna contaminated with high levels of mercury.

In 1971 more than one million cans of tuna were recalled. Between July 1 and December 31, 1989 over 70 % of the 127 shipments of swordfish from 15 countries had illegal levels of mercury.

In March of 1989 largemouth bass caught in the Palm Beach area of Florida contained more than four times the safe mercury levels. The mercury that is found in fish is methyl mercury.  It is this form of mercury that readily crosses the placenta to the developing fetus.

            In Iraq mercury contaminated grains used to make bread caused a large community to develop mercury poisoning. Methyl and ethyl mercury are used to protect cereals and grains against fungal disease. 

            Thimerisol is a mercury based preservative that is added to many products sold today. Thimerisol breaks down into ethyl mercury which is considered as toxic as methyl mercury. The half-life of methyl mercury is approximately 50 days.

            It is found in cosmetics, such as moisturizers, make-up removers and mascara, in soap free cleaners, in eye drops, eardrops, nose drops, eye ointments, antiseptic sprays, cleaning fluids or lubricants for soft contact lenses, topical medications.

            Thimerisol is also widely used in TB tests, vaccines, anti-toxins and solutions for desensitizations. Reading labels of everything including non-food labels becomes important to the mercury sensitive individual. But like any other substances proven to be toxic the human body, new names have been developed.

Thimerisol Containing Substance





Sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate




Piroxican Feldene


A Sampling of Thimerisol Containing Medications

Neosporin Ophthalmic solution

Cortisporin Ophthalmic solution

Coly-mycin S. Otic

Cortisporin Otic Suspension

Pediotic Suspension

Nasal Moist AF

Neo-Synephrine (all formulas)


Effective Remedies to correct mercury poisoning:


  •      Herbal combination called "METAL X" by Kroeger Herbs helps to clean out the kidneys and make them more affective in excreting metals from the body. Should take for a good 2 years to clear.
  •      Homeopathic remedies "MERCURIUS CORR, MERCURIUS VIV, or MERCURIUS BIN” by Kroeger Herbs helps to neutralize and rid the body of mercury. Three bottles of each should be sufficient.
  •      Homeopathic remedies “MERCURY BRAIN”, MERCURY BRAINSTEM” and “MERCURY SPINE” are remedies by Healer’s Who Share from Colorado. Ordered from the Holistic Health and Bodyworks Center. Usually takes 3 to four mega bottles each to remove the mercury.    
  •      "PORPHYRAZYME" by Biotics 4 tablets three times a day helps to remove mercury from the body.  Be sure to supplement with chromium while taking this remedy, since this product may leach out chromium as well.
  •      Green algae help to remove mercury from the body. 
  •       Selenium 200 mcg daily helps to neutralize mercury. Selenium also helps to protect against mercury poisoning, especially the kidneys and the transfer of mercury through the placenta.
  •      Vitamin E 400-800 iu taken daily helps to neutralize mercury.  Effectiveness increases when taken with selenium.
  •      Lecithin 1 tbsp sprinkled on food three times a day protects brain cells from mercury poisoning.
  •      Sulfur baths help to remove mercury from the body.
  •      Vitamin C taken 4,000-10,000 mg per day helps to remove all metals from body.
  •      Rosemary TF by Dynapro helps to neutralize the mercury from fillings.
  •      Amino acids L-methionine, L-cysteine and L-cystine help eliminate mercury from the body.  Should be taken on an empty stomach.
  •      Eating large amounts of fiber, especially pectin (found in apples), legumes, beans, onions, garlic and eggs helps to eliminate the lead from the body.