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Menopause – A Condition of Deficiency


More than 45 million women in the US are currently menopausal and another 4 million will become menopausal this year, that’s almost 11,000 American women becoming menopausal every day.


Menopause begins when the egg supply in the ovaries is exhausted and progesterone is no longer produced causing the progesterone levels to drop by 99%.


Eventually the ovaries will stop producing estrogen as well. However, estrogen will continue to be produced by fat cells, the supporting tissues around the ovaries, the intestinal tract and the muscles causing the estrogen levels to fall by only 60%.


 This creates a condition called estrogen dominance: too much estrogen – not enough progesterone. Estrogen dominance causes a variety of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, fat gain, bloating, fluid retention, fatigue, headaches, mental fog, cold hands and feet, blood clots, loss of libido, depression, mood swings, anxiety, etc, and it interferes with the thyroid hormone.


More than forty percent of menopausal women will have these symptoms severe enough to seek medical attention. They will be prescribed more estrogen.


*Caffeine and alcohol aggravate the recurrence of hot flashes.