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Cholesterol & Statins: What Doctors Don't Want You to Know eBook

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               Table of Contents                

Cholesterol Not Linked to Heart Attacks                               

Lowering Cholesterol to Dangerous Levels                             

Statins Found to Cause Cancer                                              

Statins Cause Memory Loss and Cognitive Decline                  

Danger of Statin Drugs on Heart Function                                                

Research Links Margarine to Diabetes and Heart Attacks      

Marketing Misleads Consumers                                             

Microwaved Food’s Affect on Cholesterol Levels                      

Birth Control Pills and Plaque Buildup                                    

Food That Reduce Cholesterol                                                 

Food That Raise HDL                                                                  

Supplements That Help Raise HDL                                             

Supplements to Reduce LDL                                                      

Food That Raise Triglycerides                                                       

Food That Lower Triglycerides                                                     

(pages 52)

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