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Complete Tissue & Bone Formula #786

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Dr. Christopher's Blood Stream Capsule (Red Clover Combination) possesses unique detoxifying properties and ensures healthy blood circulation. Traditionally, this remedy is prescribed for the treatment of acute poisoning, chronic poisoning, and for those who have suffered an exposure to harmful vapors and substances. It is also prescribed in cases where people are involved in potentially hazardous industries and therefore are condemned to continuous unhealthy exposures. Blood Stream Capsule purifies blood and lymph and relieves alcohol intoxication and hangover. The remedy promotes metabolism, minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis, and removes excess cholesterol from the blood and therefore can be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Ailments traditionally used for: Acne, Bladder Ailments, Blood Poisoning, Osteomalacia, Pimples, Rickets, Rosacea, Vulgaris

100 caps