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Herbal Eyebright Formula #955

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Biologically active substances in the Herbal Eyebright Formula are based on the eyebright herb, which has long been used in traditional herbal medicine for burning sensations in the eyes and tearing, eye inflammation, glaucoma, eye fatigue, and vision disorders. The herb was named in ancient times due to its healing properties, which manifest themselves in the treatment of eye diseases. In addition to the eyebright herb, Dr. Christopher's formula contains bayberry bark, goldenseal root, red raspberry leaves, and cayenne pepper. This natural synergy of herbs has proved to be effective against various eye diseases and vision disorders. Ailments traditionally used for: Black Eye, Blepharitis, Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, Eye Ailments, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Night Blindness, Nyctalopia, Pink Eye, Retinopathy, Sty

100 caps